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The University of Cambridge in the East of England



STIMULUS is a community service programme for Cambridge University students, providing hundreds of placements every year in local primary schools, secondary schools and sixth form colleges, where our volunteers provide guidance and extra support for pupils. They volunteer as teaching assistants in Maths, Science, Computing or Technology subjects (and are subject to all standard DBS and child protection processes).

This is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the local community and also build up unique professional experience. This embodies the civic ethos of our regional work and involved 240 volunteer placements in 2017/18. 

Cambridge Student Community Action

Approaching it's 50th birthday, Cambridge Student Community Action (CSCA) connects Cambridge students to volunteering roles across the local area, providing a chance for students to help some of the most vulnerable in our community. In addition to advertising volunteering opportunities across the city, CSCA runs five significant projects of its own (all of which are DBS-certified). Three highlights include: 

1. Big Sibs: This provides student "befrienders" for vulnerable children in central Cambridge. These children might have suffered bereavement, have disabilities, learning difficulties or be child carers. All the children involved are between 5-11 years old 

2. Bounce: For students who only have the weekend free, they can volunteer on CSCA's free saturday afternoon club for disadvantaged children. This usually includes an hour and a half of games, crafts and sport 

3. Homework Help: Two local schools have enrolled on CSCA's Homework Help scheme, in which Cambridge students provide group and 1:1 help for children struggling with academic work.