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The University of Cambridge in the East of England

Universal bus at Eddington

Housing: Eddington

Eddington is a new community being delivered by the University of Cambridge. This visionary urban area will provide new homes, learning spaces, amenities and green spaces, creating a vibrant environment for people to live, learn, and socialise.

The first phase includes 700 homes for key workers, 350 student rooms for post-graduates and 700 market homes – as well as award winning community facilities such as the University of Cambridge Primary School, Storey’s Field Centre for community & performing arts, the Eddington Nursery, shops and sporting facilities, with more to come.

Eddington will help secure the long-term success of the university by providing homes for its academic staff and students, to maintain its status as a leading academic institution on a global stage

On completion the new community will include 1,500 affordable-rented homes, 1,500 homes for general sale and 100,000 square metres of research space. Approximately 8,500 people will live in this new neighbourhood of the city, with over 4,300 new jobs created.


Universal bus service

In 2016, the University of Cambridge launched a subsidised bus service for staff, students and members of the public across Cambridge. Named the Universal, this bus serves 25 stops throughout the city, costs between £1 and £2.20 and doubled weekly usage within its first year, to almost 10,000 passengers by summer 2017. It now transports over 550,000 passengers per year.  


The University has over 13,000 official cycle parking spaces across it’s sites, helping to ensure Cambridge's status as the cycling capital of the UK.

In 2018 the University’s staff travel survey indicated that 37% of our staff commute by bicycle. It is believed that this number could be increased to around 44% and the University continues to invest in cycle facilities across its Estate as well as working with local partners to improve the public network into and around Cambridge.